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Windshield Repair

We at Denville Detail utilize modern technology to repair rather than replace a damaged windshield.

What is Windshield Repair?

A damaged windshield is often the result of a rock being picked up from a passing vehicle’s tire and tossed into oncoming traffic.  When it strikes your windshield, it creates a chip in the glass.  Left untouched, the chip will often continue to crack until it reaches the edge of the glass. When this occurs, the vehicle becomes unsafe to drive and the windshield has to be replaced.

Windshield repair stops the chip from spreading, restores the strength, and in the process, improves the appearance

Types of cracks:

How can my windshield be repaired?

We at Denville Detail use a process that typically leaves the finished repair nearly invisible. First all loose glass is carefully removed from the point of impact.  This opens a passage into the break.

Then, an injector is mounted on the windshield directly over the damaged area.

The injector creates a vacuum that sucks the air out of the break and then injects a formulated resin into the break, filling it completely.  It is then exposed to an ultraviolet light, which cures the resin.

That is the final step, which ultimately restores the structural integrity and clarity of the damaged area.

Benefits from Windshield Repair:

  • Repairs windshield rather than need to replace
  • Repair is a fraction of cost of windshield replacement
  • Keeps the damage from spreading
  • Safety
  • Environmentally correct option, no waste!
  • Most repairs will clear up about 90-95%